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Elmeg T240 Phone System
Elmeg T240
Key Features

  • 1 exchange line ISDN bus
  • 4 analog terminal devices, expandable to 6
  • Internet access via USB and CAPI driver
  • Operation at analog exchange connections possible

The T240’s high performance new, innovative functions are equally matched by the compact and easy to use case allowing for simple installation and maintenance. Automatic completion of call, team functions, call forwarding, Day/Night call modes, a freely configurable charge limit for each subscriber (Allowance account) and a central telephone directory with 500 entries all help to your make your communication more efficient.

Four a/b ports (analogue ports) – expandable to six via an optional extra module – utilise CLIP (caller ID) and 12/16 Hz charge pulse, for supporting all current industrial standards for a/b convenience functions. Any type of terminal devices, such as cordless or standard phones, modems, fax devices, answering machines and even door intercom units can be easily wired and configured.

Link your PC directly to the PABX system via the USB port – ISDN channel bundling permits Internet access at up to 128 kbit/s. You can, of course, also easily configure your system via USB. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is easy to implement, thanks to the TAPI and CAPI drivers supplied with the system.