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Elmeg T484 VOIP Ready SOHO Phone System
Elmeg T484
Key Features

● 1 ISDN2 port
● Option for Analogue Lines
● 1 internal digital 2 channel port for 2 system phones
● 8 Analogue ports with caller ID
● Max 14 extn & VoIP
● VoIP ready (requires DSP card)
● Feature rich
● Auto attendant and voicemail (8 boxes) on board (requires memory card)
● Full router function
● 1 ethernet WAN port
● 1 ethernet LAN port
● USB port
● 1 expansion slot for 2S0, analogue line card or 4ab module
● 1 feature slot for door or contact module

Voice mail boxes and various voice applications can be integrated in the system using a CF card.  The telephony system can be designed precisely to your specifications thanks to the various module slots.  Moreover, the system is enabled for Voice over IP. The Elmeg T484 can be connected directly to a SIP provider using the 4 DSP module.
The T484 closes the gap between compact and modular systems in the Elmeg telephony systems portfolio.  An expandable system that unifies well-known functions such as integrated xDSL/ISDN router incl. Packet Filter Firewall.